Moda Grunge Fabric Crafts For The Home

12 September 2022
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Moda Grunge Basics fabric contains distressing and texture. A grunge-style swatch or fabric panel can be used to create interesting wall art, blankets, chair covers, and more. Choose a sewing kit or pattern that appeals to you and use some grunge-style fabrics to create a unique craft item. 

Moda Grunge Products

Moda grunge fabrics are solid-colored materials that have undergone a distressing and texturing application. When raw textiles are prepared, they are hand or machine-dyed. Instead of creating bolts of fabric that contain a smooth, even surface, grunge fabrics undergo distinct processes that set these fabrics apart from plain-colored fabrics.

Quilting squares, precut fabric sheets, and bolts of fabric may bear the grunge style. Grunge products can be used to create many homemade crafts that can be displayed within a home. They can also be used to create clothing, accessories, and other personal items that a crafter can enjoy wearing or using.

Crafting Tips

Adding grunge fabrics to a detailed quilt will amplify an original design that you are using a kit or pattern for. The grunge style may contain deeper amounts of pigment along some parts of the fabric than others. A grunge style looks similar to tie-dye, but will only feature one color per fabric section. Grunge will also have a rough feel to the touch. The texturing will make the fabric rigid.

Some crafters may discover that using distressed fabric is easier to work with than more delicate fabric types. If quilting will be performed, grunge swatches can be purchased to create a block design quilt. Batting or cotton can be used as a filling agent. Stitchery can be hand or machine-added along adjoining squares. A quilting technique can be used to create a beautiful blanket or a wall hanging.

The grunge squares will complement solid and printed fabric squares that do not contain any distressing. Various types of embroidery thread can be used to enhance the colors of a handcrafted item.

A chair cover will increase the comfort level of a hard-backed chair. A chair cover can also be used to protect wood, plastic, or other components that a furnishing is constructed of. A chair's back should be measured, prior to purchasing grunge fabric. Grunge fabric can be used to create an elasticized cover that is a single color. It can also be used to create a cover that contains many strips of fabric that are multiple colors.